Sunday, 31 July 2016

Bakewell Riverview - Peak District Accommodation

Bakewell Holiday Accommodation

The Peak District and water are inextricably linked.  From the numerous valleys with their streams and rivers that criss cross the beautiful landscape.  The industrial landscape which started in the Peak District as a result of Richard Arkwrights inventions and subsequent mills in the Derwent Valley brought incalculable wealth to the Peak District and also transformed the landscape with numerous mills built often in isolated valleys throughout the Peak District harnessing the power of the fast flowing rivers and streams.

This weekend I had the pleasure of staying in Cressbrook Hall which was the home of one of the developers of Cressbrook Mill.  Just down the road is another fantastic listed mill complex in the form of Litton Mill set up in 1782 by Ellis Needham and Thomas Frith. 

Bakewell River View Accommodation

The River Wye which is one of the main tributaries of the River Derwent is a limestone river that meanders it's way for 15 miles through the Derbyshire countryside amongst towns such as Bakewell eventually meeting the Derwent at Rowsley.  There is something calming and even deeply spiritual about being near water.  The sound of a babbling brook, the roar of a waterfall it all encompasses life and power just in the same way as blood and arteries are so essential to getting energy to every part of the human body.  In Bakewell the River Wye was the powerhouse for the old Smith Sawmill located along the bank of the river just near the new Bakewell Cattle Market and Showground.  The river played such an important part in the development of the town.  The Smith Sawmill has been converted in recent years to offices in the renamed Rutland Mill and most recently sympathetically restored to a series of stunning apartments.  It is now possible to rent Riverview with unique views over the River Wye in Bakewell for your short holiday break in Bakewell.  The connection of water and the Peak District continues but now in our post industrial age the connection is more leisure and holidays than hard back breaking work.

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